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OMG!! A new one!! I'm so jealous! Mind you, it won't have the 3SGE engine! :P

Welcome to the club Igor! What gearbox did you pick? Auto or manual? Get a wing fitted? They are a superb car, although not without their idiosyncracies. You will find a wealth of information both here and in the UK club about them. Between us we must cover over a thousand IS200/Altezzas!

More power next?? Supercharger?? Don't get hooked on the mods you see, or you will be poor forever! Like everyone else, I'm saving for the next mod on my baby... :lol:

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I got 2003 Lexus IS200 on Monday :D

It is really a great car! :wub:

I am very interested to meet other people that drive Lexus cars, find out what they do and why they like Lexus.




Nice seeing more owners turning up to our club...I m hungry to meet more members in my area...where abouts are you from...you can contact me anytime...try test me on your car, I probly know more than the guy that sold it to you? where did you bought your car? lol..anyway nice to meet you.


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