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And A Buy And Sell Post....


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On a slightly different note I've got one of my sets of Technics SL1200 MK2 turntables(x2) for sale,complete with a well used but fully functional Numark 3000 mixer.

The decks are just over a year old,have lived in a road case at home for most of their life,have been serviced and calibrated regularly,and come equipped with headshells,stanton 500 mk2 carts and good condition stylus.

Basically,everthing you need to begin playing vinyl-these turntable are the industry standard DJ turntable,and the the weapon of choice worldwide.

Reason for selling? As you know I'm a professional DJ,and have 3 sets of these-one set of which is never used,so I'd rather pass it on to someone that has an interest at a decent price.

Retail listings are as follows:

technics sl1200 mk2 turntables $1399.00 each

Stanton Carts & Stylus (x2) $ 360.00

Numark 3000 Mixer(when new) $699.00

So to buy this lot new would cost $3,857.00 ish.

But to anyone interested $2300.00 ono.

PM me with any questions or further details required.


Gav. :gav:

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Hey Gav...

I thought I was the only Lex / DJ here... hehhe

Yea, I been a DJ for about 6 years - both CDs & vinyls...

Just curious...

Been a HipHop & RnB DJ for sooo long and making a switch over to house/trance last 6 months...

you have any vinlys for sale...??

also you in sydney...?

I have a few IS200/IS300 for sale..

maybe we can do deal with these...? :)


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