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Gs300 - Anyone Know Of A Wrecker?

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  • 2 months later...

Anyone know where to find GS300 parts??

Am unable to find ANY lexus wrecker....

Appreciate any help.


Hi JJ,

I know this is abit late (!) but it depends on what sort of parts you are looking for. If it's body parts then you are stuffed. But if it is engine parts then you may be ok. You will have to make numerous phone calls but you should be able to find what you are looking for. Don't say "are you guys wrecking Aristos" because they will have no idea what you are talking about, just ask about 2JZ GTE also the 1JZ has alot of the same parts. To find out if the parts are the same I recommend calling Castle Hill Toyota as they deal in grey imports (and when I called and just said "Aristo" tthe guy knew exactly what I was talking about and even knew the model no.) their number is 02 8831 8831, they will be able to tell you if the part is the same - although they wont tell you the part no. (not sure why). Anyway I hope this helps anyone with an Aristo looking for parts.


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Hey mate! I live in Victoria, but if you are after aftermarket stuff or anything for yout dashboard etc, try Troy at the Toy Shop www.japimports.com.au

These guys are always importing Aristo half cuts (engine bay and Dash) for engine transplants. I just got a couple of front air vents from him for my Aristo. He was fantastic and knew his stuff!

As far as new parts go, call Castle Hill Toyota, as Gab said.

I have had good experience so far, just waiting for the gear to arrive as it is Monday and I ordered it on Friday. :rolleyes:

I hope this helps. Maybe we could get some group buys happening in the future with some stuff blokes?!?!

BTW, I am talking 1st Gen 'Grey Import' JZS147 Aristo. Castle Hill Toyota should be able to still help I guess if you are refering to the 2nd Gen Aussie Delivery car.


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Hi Chris,

I am up for some combined buying if we can work out what we all want. How many other Aristo owners are there in Aus. What would you be looking at getting? I Need new shocks and as they are $800 to $900 each for gen new ones I'm going to get coil overs. I'm looking at HSD coilovers but the HR series (it's the bottom of their range but it is also not too stiff so I can still drive around in comfort on our *BLEEP*ty roads) it doesn't have the pillow ball top mounts but thats what i want and at $1350 for all four it's a pretty good price. I am also looking for a boost controller and an intercooler. So thats what I want, so what do you other guys want???


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