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Help Need Some Info!

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Hi Everyone..

Well just wanted to know some info.

Sorry if I am asking same sort of question that has been asked!!!!

I am like 90% sure I want to buy an IS200 sports luxury but just wanted to find out what people think of these cars.

How do you find them?

Are they under powered for the size of the car?

Can you do much to help increase power?

Is it a waste of money to swap the engine out for say a supra engine IJZ-GTE or is it better for the 2J?

Has anyone ever put an IS300 engine in an IS200 and put a manual gearbox on it?

What about an Altezza engine? Has anyone where got one of those and put it in?

What is a beams engine? Is this what you call and Altezza engine?

Does anyone know any rough prices for this sort of stuff is it a common thing or rare?

Is there anywhere I should look to find this information? 

I have always loved the look of these cars and always wanted one, after 4 years of owning my corolla and doing that up (put a 20 valve in it) I wanted something with a bit more luxury and sporty look.

Anyway thanks heaps in advance for any comments, suggestions, warnings and information about these cars and things to look out for when purchasing this car!!!

Thanks Matt

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Hi people.. Do we not reply to topics on these forums?? I have never seen such inactivity on a forum before...


I think I have found that best option is to either try and get a 3sge gen 4 engine... am trying to see if any importers can get them in or other wise i will try and option for a 3sgte gen 3 this way i can turn it into a turbo is200 :)..

My only problem is getting someone who knows what there doing with the wiring .. or find enough info on these or other forums for me to do it myself.

As i have been taken for a ride before with the wiring in my 20 valve so don’t want that to happen again :)...

If anybody has seen this done or knows where I can get and info from please do reply even if you only think it might be slightly relevant.

Cheers Matt

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Hi Matt.

The Aust forum doesn't seem to get much response. Maybe if you post your question on the UK forum, the guys over there will give you a lot of info. They seem to make a lot of mods to their IS200s. Supercharging and all.

I think the Aust guys must be out driving their cars more than looking at computers. :lol:

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