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I have a black 94 JSZ 147 Aristo with the 2JZ GTE. I was just wondering if anyone else has one in NSW and would be interested in a meet or a track day. Mine is still stock (for the moment) but I would really like to know what you are doing with yours! Anyway leave a message and we will see what what we can do.


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i sure did, i appreciate my license a lot more now lol

Ha! Me too!

I'll be back on the road 2nd of December. Can't wait!!!

I have to just sit in the pasenger seat while my girl drives around like a sunday driver.

I have four brand new Hankook K104s on her and have not been able to try them out I also just got a boost controler and gauge. I just spend my days keeping the wax job up to date and cheaking the oil. Just waiting till I can touch my baby again!

I feel your pain!!!


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Come on, there must be someone out there with an Aristo in NSW. You are killing me guys. You make me look so so lame.

Hey there,

Im an Aristo owner in NSW too :)

Newcastle actually

There is one other in Newcastle that i know of.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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