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Righto-Can't wait till the next issue of NZ Performance car!

I've been lucky enough to have been invited to have my Altezza featured in the same issue as the tribute to rally legend Possum Bourne(rip)that also includes coverage of the latest Auto Salon held recently in Auckland.

I took my own camera down to the photo shoot and here's a taste.(although done by me-inexperienced photographer)


With the aricle I've paid special attention to letting people know that there is now a NZ lexus club,so we should spark a fair amount of interest nationwide,in letting them know we're here in NZ(and Australia)in force!

Magazine is due in couple weeks,when it's out,I'd be keen on hearing thoughts/feedback.


Gav. B)

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Bit lucky with my contacts really-happened to have gone to school with the editor of performance car,he's been a mate since we first started modifying our (somewhat antique now) cars back in the early 90's.

Have owned plenty,but this is the first I consider up to the grade of showing-am still in regular contact with Performance Car,hopefully will be able to forge a relationship to allow a link from their site,and interest in more of the clubs cars.

Nice blokes really.

Gentlemen,the que forms here.Should there be any Modified Lexus or such out there(IN NZ) forward me specs/details etc and i can endeavour to forward it the the appropriate magazine personalities....


Gav B)

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