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Dash Rattles

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Just a word about it.

I got my car back from the dealer on this issue and they weren't able to get rid of it even after i showed them the fix from the US site.

What i notice from self openning the side of the dash was the inside was a little different so i wasnt able to follow exactly what the US guys did. From diagnosing i was able to make the buzzing sound from thumbing on top of the dash near the vents. I then realise by securing the dash with my fingers pushing it down and away from the windscreen i was able to silent the buzzing while thumping on top.

It would be inhuman to have someone hold the dash all the time so i got a long black cloth and jam inbetween the dash and the windscreen, with a phillip screw driver pushing the cloth right in so it's not visible and went for a test drive, sound is gone!!!!!

So guys, all there is to do is get enough foaming inbetween the dash and windscreen and it's fixed.

No need to go to the dealers for the dash buzzing/rattles near the vents.

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