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Does anyone know if wheel spacers are available for the is250 in Australia?

I saw some on ebay (USA), but when I googled it I read an artcile stating that wheel spacers are only allowed in NSW if they are OEM....can anyone confirm this ?

I also saw some great alloy rims on ebay.com...has anyone purchased a set from the US, and if so, which ones were they, who did you but them from and what was the experience like? ( I am afraid the rims won't arrive or if they do, will be nothing like I expect or won't fit etc..)


Carro Loco

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why dont you just buy the rims and tyres from Sydney dealer, it will cost a bit extra but you will get the peace of mind that the wheel and tyre package fit the car and that if anything goes wrong then you could always bring it back to the seller. just make sure that the offsets on the fronts dont exceed +40 and rears +50. there are plenty of rims that will fit the lexus.

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I saw some chrome 18" wheels of the Sports model on eBay for around $700US add in shipping of around $400 AU and you're still ahead when you consider to buy them here you will be paying over 1K per wheel.

They seem to be a reputable place that get the wheels as a trade in and chrome them because if you trade in your wheels you only pay around US$400 for another set. Makes sense if you live in the US hardly think it's worth it from here in Australia to do the trade-in.

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