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  1. You can just use the same claim number. However I would ring your dealer and explain the problem, depending on the dealer they will probably tell you to bring the car around and have a look at it for you. Unless something is damaged it's unlikely they will charge you to have a look at it and reset it or something. And if something is broken or they can't fix it for free then contact your insurer.
  2. The powder is either the cutting compound or polish, get a soft brush or a thin rag and you should be able to clean it yourself. The sensors not beeping however is probably because some setting has reset itself. It happened to me when I sent my car in to get my front slip and bumper re-sprayed. The smash repairer just sent the car to Lexus to get everything reset and it worked fine.
  3. A 10K premium over the IS250 is a bargain. Are you sure about this? Cos if you are I will definitely look at a 350 instead of going German for more power. And the bonus is I can swap all my parts over except for the body kit....
  4. Where are you guys going? What about a trip through the Blue Mountains out to Lithgow? Some nice flat stretches of road once you clear the mountains..
  5. oh well, nothing in life is perfect! but again it shouldn't reflect badly on the dealership just because of the actions of one person! i'm not trying to justify it, i'm just stating my opinion! sorry to hear about it, although at least you were happy with your purchase at parramatta! parramatta and chatswood are my two favourite dealers. i originally did everything through chatswood but moved so i was closer to parramatta and so went there! service is awesome! Lawrence from service is a really good guy and will look after you! Funny, i've actually gotta add the same comment with Chatswood sales, but yes their service is excellent and I get mine done there. Anyway, I also had a trade and they really weren't interested in even talking and working out a deal, it was actually quite disapointing because I was excited to buy a new car. Anyway, ended up going to Newcastle and they paid an extra $7000 for the trade and actually wanted my business. However, I would not recommend them; bad after sales experience... another story for another day. As for Lawrence at Parra, he was a little difficult last time I had to get my car done and part of the reason I ended up going to Chatswood. But each to their own... Sorry, Franky but I have to stick up for my good mate Lawrence over at Parramatta, he is a very nice guy maybe you just caught him on a bad day which we all have. I would definitely give him another go...
  6. I also went to their shiny new showroom at Zetland after an S3, stood around for around half an hour with the missus it wasn't until we were about to leave that someone comes over and asks if we need help. By then the sickening thought had kicked in that if they were this unprofessional before you give them your hard earned cash, how are they going to be afterwards. A real shame because the S3 is a nice looking car but the whole experience has put me off buying one.
  7. I've got the F-Sport intake and HKS Exhaust. At North Sydney everyday not sure if you can get out there...
  8. Hey Naz, Depending on the depth of the scratch you might be able to get it spotted and you won't notice at all. Currans in Auburn are very good and reasonably priced.
  9. The 'Full' kit Won't you get a border line on the bonnet though? I saw an RX450h that had a similar kit and the border line was quite noticeable.
  10. Can you change the color of the car? If you could that would make it easier to see what your choice looks like on your car...
  11. What time are the festivities, if it's in the afternoon I would be able to make it down.
  12. I agree. I wouldn't do it, and if I had the desire to do it I would invest in these: http://www.l-tunedparts.com/product/?id=1995
  13. I recently grazed my rear wheel on a gutter. I got it fixed by United Wheel Techs - 0425 305 590 (Say Curran's Auburn referred you for special pricing) they came out to my place and fixed it then and there for a reasonable price and they did an excellent job. Care to share before/after photos (if you have them?) and the $ damage? Damage was $150 for a 5 to 10 cm scrape along the wheel lip. It wasn't a lot but I knew it was there and wanted it fixed. Another repairer who shall remain nameless wanted over $300 and wanted the wheel dropped off and they would paint the whole wheel. These guys just paint the bit they repair.
  14. I recently grazed my rear wheel on a gutter. I got it fixed by United Wheel Techs - 0425 305 590 (Say Curran's Auburn referred you for special pricing) they came out to my place and fixed it then and there for a reasonable price and they did an excellent job.
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