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Any Is200/300 Owners From Nz

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It is great that we now have our own forum in NZ and AUS, just would like to know who here have a IS200/300 in New Zealand, I know most of you are from AUs and Britian, hope to hear from you guys soon, take care.... ;)

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So  Mr McNally,we can always postpone till next week and you can join us... :P  would be one decent road test!! B) (knowing full well he ain't in NZ!)


one hell of a road test mate - would need my own petrol tanker for that trip! :lol:

APP188 - I am in the UK mate - bit of a drive for me (and it would be a bugger to get back in time for work the day after :lol: ).

You guys want me to setup another forum for these sort of meets?

We already have a Calender which you can use to schedule and publish this sort of information.

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