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How Do I Take Apart The Dashboard?

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I have a Lexus IS250 and the dashboard rattle every time I drive pass poor road surfaces. I have pin-pointed the location of the rattle which is on the left inside the glove box. My problem is I cannot open the dashboard to tighten what ever is causing the rattle. Below is a picture of the dashboard

I believe the cover with the sticker will allow me to access inside, but how do I take it out? Does anyone know or have a Lexus service manual by chance?



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There are i think 4 clips that holds the side panel in. One of the clip you need to becareful as it is different to the others and can come off and fall inside.

To open, just use a flat head screw driver (or something flat) and lever out slowly and slighly one area/point at a time. Starting at the bottom.

I have openned this a few times but the problem is everything is well caged in and you won't be able to get further in the dash to do anything. To get further inside, you need to open the actual circular vent hole, which i do not know how to.

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I managed to take out the cover by pushing the clip located in the bottom with a flat head. I now believe the cover causes the rather, but I still cannot determine which area.

I saw a code on the cover, can someone confirm whether this is the part number? I might order a replacement.




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Why do u need to order a replacement, take it to the dealer and ask them to replace it, ALTHOUGH i highly doubt it's the cover thagt makes the noise.

you can tell where the noise is, if you stab upwards from right underneath the glovebox, or just thump the dash. Should hear the buzzing noise...

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I am very confident the rattle is caused by the cover hitting some other parts. The rattle disappears when I drive without the cover. Also, when the cover is intact, I notice if pressure is applied to the left on the inside of the glove box, the rattle disappears as well.

The weird thing is if I removed and reattach the cover, the rattle may disappear for a few days. However the rattle return immediately if I attempt to secure the cover by shaking and applying pressure. <_<

So Lexus will replace the cover upon my request?

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you can try asking them but i dont think replacing the cover is gonna work as the parts needs to be the same to fit right?

If it is the cover i would be VERY VERY happy as i will find a way to cure it. Will try and drive without the cover and see if your theory is correct.

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