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Originally, rattle/squeak seemed to be coming from central speaker on dash. Speaker cover was lifting so was replaced by dealer. Squeak/rattle appeared to disappear for a couple of days but is now back with a vengeance. I now seem to think that the squeak/rattle is coming from nearer to the windscreen. If I apply some hand pressure to the dash whilst driving (not a safe practice I know) the squeak disappears. My IS250 has been a real gem but the squeak/rattle is now becoming a source of real annoyance. Our local Lexus dealer has been helpful but I don't think they are on top of the problem. Any thoughts on the source of the problem and how it can be resolved are most welcome

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I stuff some stuffings in between the windscreen and dash right in the crack. I also put some stuffings right under the glovebox (under the knee airbag.

The only place i havent really visit is the side air vent on passenger side as i don't know how to take out the actual vent casing.

You'll find by foaming the other two areas, things will be alot quieter.

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