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anyone know why the rear light fault indicator remains on even though the light bulbs are all working? It is a picture of a car showing the lights beaming at the back. I did not get an owners manual with the car. ;)

G,day Mate, this can be caused by wrong wattage bulb/s, (most common) the holders should say correct wattage. Also poor earths and/or corrosion in conectors and contacts which can be a bugger to find. Does light come on as soon as engine starts? If so you may have a faulty detecting unit. If the light comes on when you first press the brake, it is in that cuircut, or if it comes on when you turn tail lamps on it is a problem there. Good Luck, that is about all I know!!!!

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Another common problem on the LS400 for this is the wiring loom that passes around the left hand boot hinge.

If you look under the hinge you will see a tape bundle of wires that feed the lights on the boot lid,the tape will probably be ripped and the wiring inside may be damaged.

It happens because of opening and closing the boot stretches the loom.

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