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Wired Electronic Brake Noise

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Just got a 95 Aristo great car!!

Have noticed a weird electronic noise for a few seconds when

applying brakes during drive, or when starting the car first up. The noise comes from under the brake pedal. It does not sound

like the dead bird noise some others were experiancing. I Presume that it mabey some sought

of electrinic braking system and be quite normal.

Any help ??


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I used to get this noise on my mk2 GS... but that was more in the engine bay.

I reckon it is brake servos priming and the sound travels through the firewall.

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I wonder if any other aristo owners experience the same thing.

Maybe something wrong with braking system. The periods of the noise is different.

Maybe i should dump the fluid, put some new stuff in.

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to be honest i have never known it in a standard mark 1 GS

when you say periods you mean it does it now and then when driving?

Exactly same noise?? is it electric pump noise?

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Yep same noise. The mechanic who works at the place that sold me the car say that its the servos priming up. They also told me that they most of the Aristos that they sell do the same thing. Of course they would say that haha. Seams strange that no one else in this forem is getting this.

It sounds like an electronic motor like when you do your windows up but louder.

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Pretty sure mine makes a smilar noise...

i can also feed vibration sorta thing through the pedal when it does so...

mine does it now and then when i am stopped at lights etc...

I just figured its the electronic breaking system or something... pumping up and getting ready for when they're used next!

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