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Toyota Harrier - Navigation Upgrade

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I am looking to import a Toyota Harrier from Japan.

Some models have a Sat Nav option which interests me, but I was wondering if it worked in English and if it was possible to upgrade this software for NZ Roads?

I'd also like a recommendation on which model / option package to go for and any other advice on importing a Harrier from Japan into NZ.


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Thanks Matt,

I think the TV is NTSC so that makes sense. Its more the Navigation software and general operation I wanted to make sure was English or at least could be upgraded to work in English.

Cheers, Christian.

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Hi Christian

I ran a 98 Harrier S for 3 years until I moved over to an Altezza Gita about 6 months ago - paid ~60k for one of the first signature class imports (I suspect they've come down a bit since then.... )

As far as I'm aware there is no way of converting the screen displays to english (despite the RX300 using the same system) or of getting an NZ map data base for them - I looked long and hard while I had the car with no luck. The basic sound and temperature displays are fairly intuative so lack of english was not a major hassle. Mine had the NAV system and still had the Japanese data CD so the maps 'worked' and I seemed to spend a lot of time in the sea off Tokyo :) - one point to note on the NAV versions the clock is locked to the GPS system time - accurate to the second and precisely 4 hours slow. It is set for the Japan time zone and can't be changed.

If you are considering one or the 'original' model Harriers, ie RX300 shape, the following applies

The G version had wood trim, while the S had the 'titainium' trim. The S had a better JBL sound system and alledgedly had a firmer 'sports' suspension setting compared to the G, though I found the suspension too soft for our sealed roads, too much roll in the corners, but great on rutted dirt tracks. The S spec also got the xenon HID headlights, though the later Gs may have got them as well, not sure there. Leather seats were always a factory extra.

I assume you are looking at the 3l 4wd versions ? - there were also front wheel drive only versions and 2.4L engine 4wd and fwd versions. The very cheap models you sometimes see out here were often the 2.4 fwd version. Performance wise they were fairly good, the 3l V6 actually developed more power and torque than the 3L straight 6 in the Gita - surprised the occasional Holden / Falcon owner in a straight line. The auto gearbox was very nice, only 4 speed but very smooth. The E shift option is a gimic, totally useless off road and basically unnecessary on road due to the very nice auto box.

If your looking at getting one of the new models, ie the RX330 shape, then I would go for the AIRS version, with air suspension - I toyed with the idea of trying to bring one in new myself after test driving the new RX330 and being dissapointed at the level of extras being offerd on the NZ version, but at the time they were still relatively new and the 2002 model Gita with less that 10Ks showed up on the Toyota signature class lists so I went that way instead - very nice machine and a lot less hassle.

PM me if there is anything else you want to know about the earlier model Harrier.


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Just import one that doesn't have hte navi.

1. When you buy a car with navi, you are ultimately paying for it, and as long as it doesn't work in Australia, NZ it isn't worth it.

2. If you really want a navi just buy an after market version and install it.

I have a 2000 model, I contemplated buying the newer version but didn't like it as much as the original version (the interior layout sux). I didn't buy it with navi and installed an aftermarket version, much cooler than than the genuine version. The genuine deal just gives you headaches and should be avoided.

Either way a great car. I saw one at the auctions here in Japan a few weeks ago and it made me go weak at the knees. It was a white model with aerokit, customized white and black interior leather and awesome stereo system, started giving me ideas about modifying mine.

Harrier: Great family car with heaps of space and plenty of power from the 3 litre engine. Certainly don't need the 3.3litre. Remember the 3.3litre was only released in Australia because the Japanese plant wasn't prepared to make them for Australia. Instead they distributed them to either Japan or Europe. The assumption is that Australians and NZ are just gas guzzlers like Americans, so the car comes from the new Canadian plant.

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More info;

I prefer the 3.0 4WD G package. I just preferred the wood grain interior compared to the metalic look of the S package. Each to their own I suppose. The orginal aero kit too is pretty cool. The manual shift on the steering wheel is a gimmick, however if you live near the mountains it is really cool to use while descending. I would also recommend a Harrier with a rear spoiler and privacy glass on the windows. It just gives the car a MUCH cooler look. I always think when I see one without these options as a car that resembles a squashed egg on wheels. The privacy glass really balances up the car.

Also if you are wanting elegance at a cheaper price I would recommend buying one with cloth seats and buying the leather seatcovers. It gives the car a nice elegant look but is also changable in the warmer months so as you are not sitting on leather seats getting uncomfortable. One with cruise control is always a bonus as well as the auto lights feature. I can't speak more highly of the vehicle in general. I can see why Lexus Australia tried for so many years to get it into Australia......all round an awesome car.

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