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Removing Is200 Stock Head Unit

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I have a Year 2000 model IS200 Sportz Lux

Ok i'm about to take it out to install a GROM Audio Aux/Ipod adaptor. (http://www.gromaudio.com/)

1) IS there a security on the Headunit? WHen i unplug it & then replug, will it ask me for a security code? I checked the manual there doesnt seem to be one?

2)& how do i take out the head unit? can i pro around the area of the head unit to get the front dash panel off or do i need to undo screws?

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Hi playa69,

removing the IS stock headunit and fitting the Grom is very easy. Hando from the lexusownerclub UK wrote a fantastic walkthrough with pics. Please refer to the following link (register for free to see the pics)

How To Install The Gromaudio Ipod Adaptor In 1st Gen Is, (also headunit removal)

Regarding you other question I can say, that the stock headunit has no security code. That means, you won't need a code afte unplugging the batttery. For intalling the Grom it is not nescessary to unplug the battery or remove the headunit complete. You only have to loosen the 4 relevant bolts and lift the stereo a little bit. Than grap behind and plug in the Grom connector in the relevant 12 pin harness. Thats it!!

Cheers from Berlin


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