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hi everyone, i am new to this forum! nice to meeting you guys!

There is a IS250, sport model with enhancement pack, it just comes with everything beside leather seat

47K when 25000km on it, does it worthy to buy? um.. it has been recalled for the fuel pipe problem

besides that its accident free and in no scratches or dents...

is it really cheap or just normal price for a third hand 3yrs old car?

Look forward to you guys reply! :D

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Welcome to the board :)

I think 47K is quite cheap, but I was told by some dealers that these cars were quite hard to move 2nd hand as nobody wanted to pay top dollar for the car as they would rather spend more money and get leather on the interior, hence possibly the reason for the cheaper price. I saw one at a dealer when I was looking for 62990K with 5000 on the clock with 1 owner, but they had been unable to sell it for 4 months. So the price is not bad, I was also told you can get a custom company to do your leather for around 3K if you like.

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Agreed - 47K is very cheap. The kms are below-average too (id be expecting 35-40k). According to both Lexus and the Glass Guide, the Sport model has the fastest depreciation of the three variants, but not by much. Considering these are about $65-70 driveaway, Im very suprised. The IS250 has turned the tide on Lexus depreciation stats, and are holding their value (as a %) more than any previous Lexus model. A 2005 may have a few little niggles (nothing mechanical, just a few minor rattles) but again a very good price.

The Sport falls out of favour with many buyers because for an extra 8-10k you can get all the bells and whistles on the Sports Luxury and the Sport has the alcantra fabric (instead of leather - the alcantra tends to have fluff and hair staticly stick to it), and the seats dont have the cooling function (not that that is a huge loss). Also the tighter ride on the 18's and the tighter suspension is not everones cup of tea.

If it is a private sale, just do all the usual mechanical checks etc. Through a dealer I wouldn't worry - but once again that seems an absolute bargain, particularly with the DVD/satnav pack as well.

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