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G'day From The Another Newby

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Ive just bought a 91 tt soarer and i acidentally filled $50 worth of premium (95 octane) fuel.Drove for a bit then topped up with another $50 of premium 98 octane from mobil.when i started the engine again on idle there was a bit of blue smoke coming out.

And every now and then when i pull up at the lights a bit of smoke comes out.Its blue in color.Do u think ive done any damage?

The fuel is almost on empty now so im gonna drive till its completely empty then fill up with 98 octane.....any help

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well the different fuel isnt going to make different smoke dude. it should be right. did you flog it with the 95 in it? it certainly wont run as well on that fuel.

Blue/white smoke is normally oil smoke so you may have somehow caused it to ping and damage your rings or something in that time but i doubt that. could be valve stem seals too but again i dont think that 1 tank of 95 would suddenly kill that either!

if you just bought it i would suggest the problem was there when you got it and it didnt have anything to do with the fuel...though it somehow in some wierd way could have highlighted the issue i suppose

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