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Help - Vinyl Car Bra Or Clear Film Bonnet Protection


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Hi All,

I just purchased a new IS 250 and have already obtained 2 stone chips from beloved trucks that meander all over the road. Subsequently, I have been investigating various car bra's, clear film bonnet protection, etc, etc and am not sure which way to go. Wondering if anyone can enlighten me either way, in relation to which product may be more suitable in protecting the front of my car from stones chips, etc. Any advice would be welcome.



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Was troubled for this issue myself too.

I don’t think there is a clear way to go. Anything you put on your bonnet will make its presence and will not seem good. So you will have something ugly on your car all the time.

Maybe a more aggressive tactic to avoid getting near the back of trucks will be the most sufficient way to go… ;)

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it seems a lot more popular in America than here. a few of the guys on clublexus.com have it on the newer model Lexus's.

the 3M Clear Bra product is apparently not meant to be the best as it goes yellow quite quickly and there can be bad batches which go yellow almost straight away. There is another product but i cant remember its name (sorry!) that is better than the Clear Bra. All of them need waxing and taking care of quite regularly though to maintain their complete clear apprearance and even then i think depending on usage, garaging, climatic conditions etc they all go yellow eventually and need removing and re-doing.

sorry i cant be of more help but perhaps try having a look or posting a topic on 'clear bra' on Clublexus.com forums (US based forum)

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Hi all,

Planning a longish trip in the lexy. What are peoples exp with car bras or the protective film. I dont mind the look of the car bra as I will only have it on for the long trips but I have also head they can scuff the paint.



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