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Altezza Switches

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Hey people. Just wondering if anybody can help me figure out what switches I have missing. For some reason they are not there. There is a plug and two holes where switchs or controls once lived.

The ones im missing are locted at the bottom of the dash closest to the Drivers door. There is meant to be 3. I have a coin holder in the first. Then two holes.

My Altezza is an Rs200 Manual. I thoght it may have been where the driving lights are turned on but found they are turned on via one of the stalks.

Cheers for any help.

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from memory, the IS's have the rear fogs switch there, and then something else aswell.

and with the altezzas, don't think they have anything there..

my one, a RS manual as well, has the coin holder, then the other 2 holes have the plastic covers on them.. some ppl have the security flashy light mounted on one of the plastic covers

so yea, don't think the RS's have any switches there :)


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Interestingly... my TRC and Snow switches have been remounted on the right-hand side, I think in the space that you guys are referring to. :-o I have NO idea why.....

haha! just looked at the pic in ur garage, yea haha you are right too :D

and they look like they fit quite nicely there too!

then whats happened to the hole where the snow and TRC buttons are supposed to go?

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That's a long story. :-o

Basically, the bit that normally clips on, with the buttons in it, under the factory stereo isn't clipped on at all - it's as if part of the center console is missing! It's kinda just sitting there, loos - really crappy looking actually! However, am getting the aftermarket stereo dash kit from frylai, so that should tidy it up. It's still weird.

Weirder still is that the car at one point had an alarm and remote starting system, but doesn't seem to now.... o_O Weird. Just weird.

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