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hey guys,

ive been dreamin of a LS since the first time i seen one. ive been absolutely obsessed with these cars for years and i just bought a genuine (not jap import) 93 LS400, as soon as i got behind the wheel i knew i was home. its something u cant explain. anyway its in good condition for its age but theres a few issues/ things i was wondering about and would really appreciate any help more experienced lexus owners could offer.

A) when driving it after about ten minutes the engine light comes on. i was told by a mechanic this means the car is in safety mode. does anyone know what that means specifically? it is noticablky slower on the pick up but i cant tell much else is different.

also has anyone had this problem before and how did u fix it? any ideas what im lookin at money wise?

B) im wanting to get a full lexus workshop service done on it to have it fully looked over by someone that knows what their doing?

does anybody use lexus dealership repairers and how much more is it than a regular workshop?

C) has anyone replaced the factory 8" woofer with an after market larger one? ive got a 1200 watt 12" that im hopin to just replace it with but im not sure of the specs???

D) has anyone done any major mods to their exhaust system? i need a bit more noise haha. having trouble getting a sraight answer on whether its legal to remove the cats and exactly what is possible with it. although the whisper quiet V8 is a lex trademark id love to have a lil grunt and gargle

id really appreciate any help or advice any experienced owners can offer and look forward to chatting to anyone about their cars. and hope i can help others too

peace BIGGIE

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