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Toyota Harrier Screen Display

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Excuse my intrusion as I am a charlatan here, neither an Australian resident nor even a Harrier owner.

However, a good friend and colleague has just aquired a pristine 2005 Harrier (only 7k on it to date, so "as good as new").

His only frustration with the vehicle is the display on the screen and the legend on many of the switches, which is in Kanji, as it is a Japanese market vehicle (and he lives in Malaysia).

A Google search resulted in only one Owners site, yours, so I have come humbly requesting guidance and assistance.

I'm totally out of my depth with the Harrier (my weakness is old Brit sports cars and as the Toyota doesn't leak oil, has no points in the distributor or the fuel pump, SU carbs, etc., my skill base is useless).

Does anyone know of a web site that explains how to switch the screen display from Japanese to English (assuming the existing software can do this) or know where/how to program the system to show the display in English?

Second question, do you know of anyone who sells a set of adhesive lables in English for the switches that are in Japanese?

I know that NZ has a lot of JDM vehicles but I'm not sure if the same situation exists in Australia but if it does, I'm confident that the necessary expertise will exist amongst the ever innovative Australian owners!

Thanks in anticipation.


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