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Help Needed With Harrier 1999 Please

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Hi all, Iam a new member and just joined the forum from England.

Its good to read up on all you other members and questions relating to the harriers and having there problems solved,not only that but also to make some good freinds in the harrier club to share are thoughts on the car as i have just got only a couple of weeks ago a stunning onyx black showroom condition 1999 harrier import with 50k mileage, the car has full upgrade and after seeing it my wife and me could nt resist on buying only cost £3,200 after doing a deal, some of the up grades are:

black tinted windows, gps with GB and Europe mapes in English, TV with channels working,pioneer music centre with tape and cd plus extra 6 cd changer in glove box, 8 speakers plus 1 large extra one in middle of car roof and 2 aerials on top either side. Also has all side visors around the windows of car plus tiptronic and cream leather seats with some wood trim.

The car only had 1 previous owner from new but we are still trying to contact him as it did not come with any service history we know about yet but it still drives like new, there are a few things were not sure about an can any of you help with a few things ? like, there is a small switch on the dash next to the s/wheel and when pressed a small green light turnes on it but nothing happens,does anyone know what its for? also has the gps got speech recognition and can we play dvds? does tiptronic come in all these cars of this age. Is there a parking camera also, we was also giving 3 sets of keys with immobilisors but only 1 immobilisor works as it has a scorpion upgrade and the other 2 were factory fitted it looks like,so can we get hold of somehow 2 others that match the one that works? is there anybody out there who might have a handbook that i could down load from them.

Sorry i have asked for a lot but maybe some of you freinds can help us out. Good luke to you all from England. P.S where can i find a wood trim for the s/wheel, the silly bugger left it out HA HA

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