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Today i was behind this black car. I was tailing it (not in my Is) and couldn't understand why i was starring at it so much cos after all it's just another IS250 right?, not so, there was something different about this car. It was stock yet different. It had a weird looking LED tailight. Everything looked 'vertical', two distinct LED bulbs light up when the car brakes but it wasn't horizontal rather vertical. Same with the amber signal lights, it was also vertical and right next to the brake lights. I wasn't at all impressed with the looks let me tell you, it was as though they got rid of alot of the reds from the tailights and just focus on the LED bulbs. Anyway i thought the rear looked extra plain expecially when the lights lid up, and being a black car, this really hightlight ita all.

For those what are not aware of the difference in the tailight (of and btw the 09 model has the side indicators on the side mirros like the Accord Euro, which is really nice), here's the 09 tailight WITH the high beam 'rear' light. Put a finder over the 6 LED bulbs and see how plain it is.



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