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Is200 Satellite Navigation Version Numbers

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hi all

i'v recently got myself a IS200 2003 model, the Sat Nav in it has the original maps that it came with in 2003 (as a result wen I drive on the “new” freeway itz like driving through the jungles of Madagascar for the sat nav!!)

wat i’m wondering is: :huh:

1 - wats the Gen Version?

Do different models hav different Gen versions and does anyone know what the 2003 IS200 might be…

2 – whats the latest Map Version for Australia?

Is notices a few places refer to the latest map version as v8.1 on ebay and a few forums, but in this forum its v13…. My guess is its because different countries have versions?

And 3 – does any of the Gen Versions or Map Versions matter when upgrading the DVD for the IS200 or any other model for that matter?

Any information will much appreciated,

Thank you,

Ps. Does anyone know anywere I can get a hold of the latest maps other than the dealership? :) feels like $390 is a bit steep for a update… :rolleyes:

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Hi Sach

In Australia the satnav systems use the WhereIS maps. The current version on the market is v14. I have been told that v15 is coming out mid this year with more roads etc on it.

My 2005 RX330 had version 10 in it and I have just recently purchased a copy of v14 on ebay for $160.00.

There is a place - I believeit is under Menu on your satnav that tells you what version you have. They want about $400. - $600 at Lexus dealers to upgrade the maps to the current version so if you are going that way I would wait until the next version comes out.

Hope this helps


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