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Celsior Brake Problem

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Hi guys,

As stated in the topic, I have a problem with my celsior. When I put my foot and the brake and turn at the same time, I hear a clicking noise coming from the front of my car. I think it has something to do with the brakes. It doesn't happen when I turn without braking, or when I brake without turning. It has been getting worse and worse over the fast few weeks and i want to get it fixed but no one will look at it cos its an import.

any ideas? or does someone know a place that deals with celsiors in brisbane?

cheers fellas.

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im having similar problems are you sure its the control arm bushes?

not powersteering rack? apparently its a common problem which makes alot of noise under load?

will have 2 look into more i think

I think you are right. A few months on now and the noise is still there. Did you end up getting ur problem fixed? I was told that my steering rack its rooted but they are quoting me $1250 to fix it up. This a good deal?


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