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"The factory alarm only triggers if the doors, hood or trunk are opened when armed. Talk about a false sense of security! "

Thought the IS300 had internal "radar" sensors as those in the IS200, in the center cabin courtesy lamp. The alarm may not activate from a window smashing or vibration/impact, but once someone reaches in it will.

Maybe the US 300's are different?

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Hmm, do the Altezza's have factory alarm? I can't find any reference, but when I bought the car, I was pretty sure it did. However, although the car has a red LED up front, it doesn't do the usual flashing!

Bah, I'm replacing whatever it has with an AVS 9000 or S5 next week anyway. :D

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What part of the car are you washing when the alarm goes off???

If it when you are washing the bonnet, the most likely cause of this is that the bonnet pin switch has been fitted in an area where water can get to it, and hence causing the pin switch to earth out and set the alarm off. B)

All you need to do is move the pin swtich to a dry location and this should hopefully solve the problem. :D

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The water may be running off the roof and down the bonnet sill.

Just check where the pin switch is under the bonnet. If it is in the sill, have a look to see if it rusty or not. This will tell you if has been exposed to water.

The only way the alarm could be going off. is if you have a microwave sensor installed. If the field is set too large on the microwave, rain/water can set it off. :D

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So... do you have an Altezza? I am so confused about this alarm thing now... !

Is my car supposed to have a factory alarm or not? :-o

Guess I should just try and set it off eh...

As far as I know, none of the Altezza's have a factory alarm system.

It is always good to upgrade anyways :lol:

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I know that with my factory alarm, i lock it once, indicators blink once. lock it 2nd time and the indicators blink 5 times arming the alarm. then if the car is bumped and the alarm is set off a high pitched siren and flashing lights follow

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My factory alarm had this problem where it would just go off randomly in the early hours in the morning (it happened twice). I read on the UK Lex forums that apparently our IS cars had an inherent problem with the internal roof sensor or something along those lines.

As Tim mentioned above if you press the LOCK button twice it will disarm the internal alarm sensors in the car. Your blinkers will flash 5 times to confirm this.

I always double lock my car when I park it overnight and the alarm has never randomly gone off since then.

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