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I Need An Advice To Buy This Car

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Hi ,

I found ES 300, Release year 1992, Fuel unleaded, Km 237,000 … I did not check the car ….I will check it properly be next week. I would like to know if the maintenance prices are reasonable or not :unsure: . and how much it would coast for quarterly check up ( every 3 months) :huh:

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They are reasonably pricey once they get to that age, but you get a lot of car for your money, bonus is the timeing belt would have been done already coz thats expensive, but other than that camry/avalon parts are interchangeable engine wise so not much more than normal for a car with 240 ish, ks on it, i would hope tho that your not paying more than 5k for it.

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Mate to have this car serviced quaterley aint pricey lol.

I got a 93 with 280k on the clock, and i service it every 3 months for around the $300 mark, which includes oil filter with oil change, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, radiator flush and engine flush. Dont take your car to Lexus to get it serviced. I service my car myself so i just pay around $140 for the gear.

Timing belt can be fitted between 250 to 350 mark. Depends when everything was last changed. I would doubt there will be anything wrong with the timing belt. The most common cause for the ES series is that after a long period of time the gearbox goes on its way.

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