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1999 Gs300 Remote Key Programming

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HI All,

I'm new to the forum, just bough a 1999 GS300. I was given 2 keys, one with the remote and another black one with no buttons. The car starts with both the keys but the remote buttons don't work.

I have changed the battery the red light on the remote blinks but nothing happens, which made me think it needs reprogramming. Searching on the forum I came across many different programming techniques such as

Driver door open other locked

insert key

lock/unlock 5 times

close driver door than open again

lock/unlock 5 times

insert key, turn to on and remove the lock should cycle

up till here no problems the doors do lock and unlock once but after that when I press the button on the key nothing happens. Tried it about 10 times so far with different combination, pressing lock and unlock together, pressing lock, holding down lock and pressing unlock 5 times and so on.

and now I need help of all you experts.

Any help would be appreciated.



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