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hey guys i am havin some trouble wif my altezza. last nite i was checkin my air filter compartment in my car then i found that there is engine oil all over it. so tat means my engine oil is definitely leakin into my air filter box~!!! does anyone noe y? or has this happened to anyone else?? and if so wat can i do to fix it~!!!

thx carlo

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Yeah just check the dipstick! I overfilled the dopy little sump changing the oil on the Wingroad on Sunday and had to drain about a litre out. It only took about 3litres!

Then check the amount of vapour coming out of the crankcase & topcover vents and going into the intake system. This is the amount of compression leaking past the rings and venting into the intake system. Worn rings=more compression leakage.

Then go and check a few other ppls Altezzas to make sure yours is any worse..! :lol:

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