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Hks Silent Hi-power (type S)

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guys and girls

for quite a while now i been looking at getting an exhaust for my IS200. But i did not want a loud stupid intrusive droning exhaust but still wanted performance gain.

After much consideration and lots and lots of research i came accross HKS.

After four weeks my exuast finally arrived from hks japan and was installed today. This exhaust has exceeded my expectations.

Not only is it quite and non intusive but has a beautiful sound. On low revs it has this really nice crispy hum (not loud) WITH a noticeable power gain mid range revs it just takes off. and when revving hard it is no louder then the engine (same as stock) but with extra power!

From inside the car the sound of the exhaust can barely.. if any be heard. outside the car or windows down it has this sweat crispy hum that is completly non intrusive. i was worried that my lexus would turn into a noise box with droning cabin noise and rediculous intrusive sound but i know this is a big call but i believe its a better option then a stock exhaust its so non intrusive.

there are a few web pages out there but this one shows a fair bit. the hot dog type thing on the side of the muffler is the part that makes it quite BUT still allows air flow thus MORE POWER!!



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