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Hey all,

I'm lookin at purchasing rims in the future. I just need to idea of what looks best. I'm set on a pair of 18x10's. Just wondering if anyone has some photos they would like to throw up. I'm looking at some 5 spoke, deep dish'z atm ;)! If anyone has any info on this please let me know. And please post some photos for me to look at :)! Thanks a tonn!!

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18x10 will not fit on the front, the best you can fit on the front is 18x8.5 and even then its not going to be fun,

I have 18x7.5 all round and get scrubbing on the front, will be getting the guards rolled as its only just scrubbing, but they sit basically flush front and back

Even 18x10s on the rear will cause issues, so if you have the money for all the work good on you :)



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Ahh Yeah alriighty!! Thanks for that matee!! Appreciate it! :)! Where abouts are you from?!!? I just got my Lexus recently and am looking at doing some mods. First are some coiloves, i jus need the money, do u know much in that area?!?! :)!

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There's a good discussion re wheels sizing at the UK site:


They've covered wheel size, offsets, and tyre options.

Have you considered sticking with 17x7, but going for some sexy lightweight wheels to shed some unsprung weight?

Something like these Enkei wheels (6.2 kilo)


I believe the stock wheels are about 10.5 kilo? But I could be wrong.

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Check out rimtuck.com - good resource for this kind of thing.

Also I've got a set of Rota SVN (RE30 style) in 17x7.5 +40ish that came with my car, don't need them and would be happy to trade + cash for some stock wheels if you're local.

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