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hi people need some info on how to reset my windows after i had a minor accident none of them work but are not damaged it has something to do with them disableing after the accident would greatly appreciate some guidence on the issue a.s.a.p thanks.

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You need to initialise the windows again - It should be covered in your owners manual. You must do this each time the battery is disconnected.

Go to each of the windows and wind them right down and back up again (not from the drivers switch). Also check if the passenger windows disabled switch on the drivers side on.

It should work after that

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hello all; rather than creating a new thread, thought i'd bump up an existing one.

my driver's side window is the only window that doesn't auto wind up and down; i've unplugged the battery and reconnected it, and have lowered, raised and held all the other windows for 3 seconds, resulting in them having the one-touch auto wind all the way up or down. I've tried doing this for the driver's window but it's the only one that doesn't do it. any thoughts as to why?

The only thing i've come close to working on the driver's side window, is installing the po-40; but even then, it doesn't require any rewiring of the actual window wiring.

Windows will still wind up and down but I just have to hold the switch. Any help would be great. P.S. window lock button isn't depressed.

EDIT: relieved the problem. unplugged the window plug and replugged it. seems to be working fine now.

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The issue of the power windows losing the auto function has now become a part of the Po-40 installation manual.

It is a thirty-second job to reinstate the auto function. I think it has more to do with the time that the connector is off the circuit than simply just taking the connector off.

Certainly if the car goes in for a longish service and the battery is disconnected, you can be sure that the windows will need to be re-initialised

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