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P0763 Error Code

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I am a first timer on the forum but i have been reading post on the forum since i bought my car 2 years ago.I have a 1999 Altezza 3S GE with tiptronic,

but about two months ago i have been getting a constant flashing ECT light on the dash board and the car has been shifting very bad since, it feels like it wants to stick in 1st gear and when it does change it gives a slight jolt. I did a diagnostics and the computer gave me an error PO763 which is "Shift malfunction C electrical". I did some research on this error and it appears that it is related to a possible faulty solenoid in the valve body. My problem however is knowing for sure which solenoid is "C", I got a diagram of all the solenoids in the valve body .... http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/p_J_199903_TOYOTA_ALTEZZA_SXE10-AEAVF_3512.html

My gut feeling is the Solenoid Assy,Shift control since i believe this is the solenoid that controls the shifting in the car but does anybody have any other opinions i have been struggling with this problem for weeks.


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