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Compliance Info Anyone?

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i am kind of new too lexus as iv owned an ls400 but apart from that i have only recently opened my eyes from nissan very

recently after building many nissans for people and owning a couple of gtrs and a few silvias back in nz,

my very first question is=)..

im looking at importing two altezzas from japan as i have an account with jap used cars i have imported a few cars from them and are very reliable,

the thing is, is that i am new to perth and was curios if anyone new how easy it is to get them complied and a rough estimate on price,

any help or a point in the right direction would be much appreciated,

thanks to you all and i look foward to contributing to any who need help as i have a fair bit of tuning knowlage (wank wank).

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Very difficult to get an Altezza into Australia, AFAIK nearly all of them were personal imports. Recently someone imported an old netz cup altezza into the country for use as race only and he asked the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government how many had been imported and the official word is:

The database found 45 applications to import Toyota Altezza.

Of those, 38 were approved for import. 28 of those were approved for road use, the others were for racing or rallying.

So sadly it looks unlikely unless you can get a personal import, should have bought one in NZ before moving over, although even then it is costly, of someone who has documented doing it properly here were his costs,


DOTARS application $50

Freight to Aussie- $2000

Customs Tax & GST $2600

Steam cleaning $440

Niddrie VIN $40

Weighbridge $25

Pink slip inspection $130

Rego Fee $260

Rego tax $35

Stamp tax $400

Number plate $75

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thanks for reply=).

by personal do you mean: me owning it before importing it? frieght and the physical car turning up here in freo is not the problem,, is the application to dept hard to get aproved for road use?

if it costs me whats stated above i will do it if its easy=)

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Not 100% sure on the rules but personal to my understanding was that you owned it for 6 months before importing, best bet is to ring the department and see what your options are in regards to that, if not try one of your local car import services, importmonster.com.au are located out of Vic and I have heard good things about them before so they might be able to help you more.

Good luck :)

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