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Recommended Service Dealer In Melbourne

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Thought I would ask any Lexus owners in Melbourne which dealership you go to for servicing and how do you feel about the service overall? Mine had been to Melbourne City Lexus. Being my first Lexus experience, I didn't feel it was anything special. I didn't need a complimentary loan vehicle as I also work nearby. I asked if they could drop me off at my workplace and have my vehicle returned once the service is done. They asked one the staff to take my car to drop me off. I didn't mind that but being Lexus, I was expecting them to use their own vehicle to chauffeur customers in these circumstances. As for delivering my car once service is completed, they couldn't do that due to lack of staff. when I picked up the car, They said they gave it a wash but I doubted it coz I could clearly see some red dust along the bottom side skirts and around the bottom rear bumper from my weekend outing, plus they didn't vacuum the interior. I thought this was all part of the Lexus experience?

I'm thinking of taking my next service (due soon) to another dealership eg. Lexus of Brighton. Does any local members out there have any thoughts/recommendation?

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Lexus of Brighton are Melbourne's number 1 dealer.

For sure give them a try.

Thanks dis-lex-sic. I've driven pass Lexus of Brighton. They're HUGE and I read they have the largest service loan cars available too so I should have no trouble getting one while mine is being serviced.

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