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Have just fitted bigger wheels to the IS , so far have changed the under mirror lights to blue LED's [ second mod ] but the first mod was some Lexus chrome valve caps which a friend visited with on the day we picked up the car , how nice was that .

Had the car about 4 hours and already had the first mod done !!

I was fortunate to come across some RAYS Volk racing wheels , 17x8 plus 32 and 17x9 plus 40 , the 32's go on the front just fine , about 4 mm inside the guard and of course the rears in a plus 40 go on no worries .

Only just got them fitted last night so will post some pics when I take some !!

I really wanted to go 17x8 all around so I can do front rear swaps for tyre life but when you can get Racing Volks for the same budget...who cares !!

The lightness of the wheels is awesome and you can actually feel the difference going over bumps .

The car now has 255/40/17's on the rear and 235/45/17's on the front , which are the tyres that came with the rims , when they wear I might be able to go to 245's all around so every 10,000K's I can still do front rear swaps , we will see .

But for now I can't believe I'm fortunate enough to have Racing Volks on the car !!!




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