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Hey there

In my Altezza I have the factory GPS screen on top of the dash.

I was wondering if that screen could be used with a dvd player connected to it, or would I have to remove the whole unit and replace the screen with an aftermarket one? :unsure:

Any advice would be great


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Nah, just everyone sick of answering the same questions. :]

Check a recent answer of mine in relation to Windoms here:


it's not possible to get it converted as such. GeoSmart in NZ are the only ones producing map data for GPS, and they have a product to be released shortly - however, it won't just be a CD compatible with existing systems.

You'll likely have to purchase the nav system unit to replace the one in your Windom, which looks like it'll be a VDO Dayton unit at ths point. VDO say their unit should work with existing LCD displays, reducing the cost significantly. I haven't heard what this cost is likely to be yet - this is all very new.

Search the IS200/300/Altezza forum for 'navigation', a thread I wrote in a while ago has a bit more.

Incidentally, I have the owners manual for the original systems in the Altezzas etc, it's all in Japanese, and no English translation is available that I could find.

FYI, as soon as you disconnect the factory head unit, the whole system stops working. :-]

Get in touch with Geosmart and see if they have any more info - I havent heard back from them unfortunately.

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Oh, and I don't think it's possible to use a DVD player with the existing system easily - cheaper to replace it with an aftermarket one. I'd be careful though, I think front mounted DVD playing screens are shortly to become illegal - one of the changes being considered for the WOF regulations.

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