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Lexus Ls400 93 Cd Stacker

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Hi, I have a Lexus LS400 1993 model and the CD stacker has gradually stopped working and has been sitting in a repair shop for about 6 months and they say the laser unit is no longer available so I am looking for a good second hand stacker that works or if there is someone out there that can repair them or maybe a substitute stacker and wiring instructions

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Given the age of these CD units now you would be lucky to find a good working replacement and as you have already found out it's very difficult if not impossible to get them repaired.

Most people faced with this situation have fitted an after market system in place of the factory units.

You can buy either double or single DIN facias for the LS400 I fitted a single DIN and then fitted a JVC single CD head unit and then a subwoofer amp was fitted where the original CD changer was in the trunk.

I think you can also buy the conversion leads so no wiring to worry about.

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Yes its not a very hopeful situation,,, do you know where I can buy the single or double din fascia plates for the LS400,,,

I did get a changer from a member but it wouldn't work on the day so i have that one with my original one and the tech's are trying to get one working out of the two,, I did forget to ask about their fees if it doesn't work I could be paying to much anyway,,,,

Oh well no one can say I didn't try,,,,,,, if you know where to get the fascia's that would be a great help if I have to go that way which I think may be the case,,


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