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Transmission Question

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Trying to find out some info on the functionality of the transmission in my car compared to Lexus models with the same.

I have a Toyota Aurion ZR6, which has the 2GR-FE with the U660E transmission. I know a few Lexus models also had/have the U660E, and I'm trying to find out if theres any difference in functionality. Specifically, 'Sports Mode'.

Sports mode in the Aurion isn't really very 'sporty'. It basically lets you limit the number of speeds it has to choose from. So if you select 5th it acts essentially as a 5 speed auto, select 3rd it acts like a 3 speed, etc. It still upshifts and downshifts when it likes, it just won't shift higher than the gear you've selected. I find this pretty useless.

On the other hand, from what I'm told by a mate who took one for a hoon spirited drive during visit to TMCA recently, the IS350 F-Sport acts like a proper tiptronic auto should - holding whatever gear you select, and only upshifting/downshifting when you tell it. I'm aware the new IS350 has the A760E transmission, but somebody I was talking to recently seems to think an previous IS350 had some other transmission, possibly the U660E, but I can't seem confirm this anywhere.

So, after this long winded introduction, and before I harrass my local Lexus dealer's service department, I have some questions.

1. What Lexus models have the U660E?

2. Does it work in the same way as the Aurion does, or as the IS350 F-Sport apparently does?

3. This is probably a bit ambitious, but, hypothetically, if an attempt was to be made to flash the U660E with, say, the A760E firmware, what would happen? "Access denied! Wrong transmission, dumba**"? Successfully flash but throw error codes left right and centre? I don't know to much about car ECUs, but I do know computers. Meaning I'm basing this theory on the knowledge that its not necessarily impossible for software to be easily installed and work flawlessly on a computer for which it was never intended.

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before I harrass my local Lexus dealer's service department

I'll save you the hassle....don't bother.

They won't touch you car or know about it. Software/switchgear/circuits only need to be slightly different for things not to work. Its locally built so different to what they are trained on and have workshop data for.

They will refer you back to a Toyota dealer who also will have no interest in helping you look into this as to avoid any dramas it may cause. If it ain't broke they won't try to fix it.

Sorry to be harsh but you've got an Aurion...enjoy it.

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