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Aftermarket Stereo Install

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Got a 1999 Altezza and cd player died. Replaced with aftermarket stereo. Bought amp wiring bypass loom and installed and connected all wires. cd player and aux work fine, speakers great. cant get radio reception? where is the antenna (blue) wire for radio??

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I can see this is old post but none the less I'll give my 2cents.

Taking into account that you've obviously plugged the antenna into the new radio then the power trigger for the amplified antenna is your issue.

In the IS200 IS300 it is a black wire in the factory harness although the easiest way to be 100% sure is to follow the antenna cable back and there you will find a thin black wire. This is the one to connect your blue wire from your aftermarket radio to.

If this doesn't work, you have bigger problems:

a) break in the antenna cable

B) break in the power going to the antenna

c) no output on your antenna trigger from your aftermarket radio (blue wire). DO NOT CHECK WITH A TEST LIGHT / USE A MULTIMETER

d) Faulty tuner in your unit.

Hope this helps (if you haven't already solved the issue)


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