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  1. Update on my latest adventure at the drag strip. PB 13.62@101.92. DA was 1849 feet, so not ideal (hot and humid) Brisbane summers suck like a Hoover. Next race will be the end of May and the middle of July (Winter for us) so I may get that sub 13.5 target. Car is stock except for the genuine F-Sport intake, fuel is BP98 Ultimate and using Bitron fuel and oil additives. Since owning the car, it has improved from a
  2. Took the new Lexus out to Willowbank Raceway to run it over the 1/4 mile. Best of the night was 13.73 @ 100.67 mph. Hot day (28 degrees Celsius) or 82F and humid. Engine bay heat soak was something of an issue, so that is something to control in future runs. Getting off the line is easy. No burnout, just in sport mode, ABS and VSC disabled, 1,500 on the converter and nail it. A little chirp when I did the 13.7 and best 0-100 km/h time of 5.61. Still learning how best to launch the car. I have done a 5.47 0-100 so I think there is a 13.5 if I get the right conditions. Love the car and
  3. Hi Janet, I did pay to have the dash and console fitted. Our dash was very bad. We do not have the sat nav. The dash was $230.81, the center console was $155.31, so $386 for parts. The air bag cover was repainted, $80. Labour was.....$800. So the total was $1,304.12. with GST. There was no help from Lexus regarding helping with the price, but having worked in parts for Toyota and others for 18 years....the dash and console were really cheap. Maybe I got trade price I am not sure. The big cost is labour....it is a big job. The best part is the car is as new inside. It looks
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Mike and I live in the south-side of Brisbane. I bought a very neat IS200 about 18 months ago. It was perfect except for the "sticky dash" so I went to Lexus of Springwood and they fitted a brand new dash and center console. The interior now looks as new. The car in general is probably one of the best around, even though it has 211,000km now. Next upgrade will be a IS350 F Sport, or if I can stretch, a 2010+ ISF. Love the brand and quality of fit and finish, and the particular dealership I now get my car serviced at are amazing.
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