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  1. bodywork now all sold to wrecker. I only have the brakes left (which are like new) front rotors measure up at 27.9mm (new is 28mm) pads are like new too $550 for the calipers & rotors. bolt onto is200/is300 with figs kit T
  2. motor is not actually going into a lexus.... :) was aware of the is200 brake upgrade - bolts on with the figs adaptor kit panels in really good nick if anyone is looking for a front end - its only done 76k Toby 0437665518
  3. I have a undamaged fully dressed ucf21 ls400/ celsior frontcut. all panels, lights, brakes etc. everything is available bar motor, ecu, ignition lock/immobiliser. (This is what i bought it for so they are NOT for sale) In melbourne. can assist with freight Toby
  4. Since I scrapped an is200 project (2gr v6), I have a load of parts now surplus to requirements: sxe10 altezza dash $150 gxe10 240k dash $150 sxe10 update le dash (digital speedo) $700 ono trd springs $250 koni yellow shocks with new adjuster knob $600 trd carbon grill $250 is200 standard grill $120 sideskirts $sold legana front bar (genuine, silver, as new) $700 legana fogs (one broken) & narva fog kit(new)$150 rear skirt (new) $sold (r/r $690) is300 rear spoiler $150 works vs 18"rims $Sold altezza boot mat (note: is in Wellington, NZ) $150 altezza sat nav $sold stereo surround $40 altezza key remotes/transponder unit $50 airbag unit $50 is200 airbox assembly $100 washer bottle $30 altezza 3sge j160 bellhousing $150 altezza 3sge j160 6 speed box $600 toda lightweight c/molly flywheel with exedy japan h/d clutch $sold altezza genuine 3sge engine oil seal set (front, rear, cams) $90 is200 1gfe a/c pump $50 is200 1gfe p/s pump $50 altezza 3sge a/c pump $50 altezza 3sge p/s pump $50 is200 coil/ignitor units (4) $50ea is200 exhaust manifold with oxy sensors $50 is200 radiator $100 is200 a/c rad $50 is300 diff. 3.5:1 mechanical lsd with driveshafts $800 All parts bar the boot liner are in Melb, vic. Toby 0437665518
  5. try altezza club - there are a few guys there with turbo altezza's. and depending on what sort of power you want to get, you may not need to change anything other than fit a kit, or you may need a total rebuild, clutch, etc if you want to go mad. second-hand turbo kits turn up every now & then. there was a complete hks kit in the uk for ~$us2k on ebay not that long ago
  6. trd / legana etc type grill - fairly easy to get. i got mine off ebay (out of japan) or nz is another option. should not be hard for you to find one t
  7. its a bit of work. however i don't know of any conversion that is a basic bolt in (modern cars that is) 1/2j mas be simpler if you have a late modsle motor - need to check with engineer on conversion as it may not conform as 99% of 1j motor setups are pre '99
  8. something on this forum is corrupting the link & redirecting it back to this site. z4.lexusownersclub.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=11318&st=0& or go to lexusownersclub & search on 11318 (topic id)
  9. link not quite correct. try: http://z4.lexusownersclub.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=11318&st=0&
  10. i have done this conversion on my own car & can tell you it is a lot of work - whilst the motor basically bolts in, the rest does not - there is a heap of minor mods to be done all over the place. (fuel & brake lines, clutch line, tailshaft, exhaust & the wiring!! wiring requires quite a bit of work - you need to pull the dash & replace the looms, & even then there are bits you have to rewire there as well! not for the faint hearted. (& no i'm not exagerating - i have done lots of toyota conversion, this one took quite some time) http://z4.lexusownersclub.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=11318&hl= T
  11. well if you can get ALL the parts from a wrecker, it should be a fairly straightforward conversion - be aware that the immobilizer is in the ecu, so you can't just swap ecu's - you'd have to swap keys as well for it to work. (or just use auto ecu wired up in "n") you'd have to find yourself someone who knows what they are doing or you will find yourself paying $8k for this sort of swap. i could do it for you, but i'm in the middle of a home extension right now & am not taking on eny other work until it's complete. to be honest it might be simpler to buy a secondhand auto box & get it swapped over & buy a manual car. (might be selling my car off soon if i get this company car - its a '99 man sports lux with altezza 3sge conversion in it) T
  12. Hi Dan, Have you already bought the motor & box?? as this may influence your decision!! it's going to be much easier to swap just the motor to be honest - but it also depends on who is doing the swap. having done the clutch on my car 6 months before i pulled the motor out, i can tell you it is probably less work on an is200 to pull the motor & box out than just the gearbox!! if your car is running ok, i think you should do a cost benifit analysis - how much is your car worth as it is to sell & buy a manual car? if you think your car is not worth that much, than go ahead with the conversion (you'll never get the money back on the conversion)otherwise sell it & buy the model you want - it will be easier & cheaper methinks if you want to go ahead with the conversion it's not a massive project, as it's all factory option stuff - it will all bolt in, just take time swapping over the appropriate parts T
  13. lots of parts are different. if you have access to the wreck that the motor came out of, grab the loom from behind the dash & the instrument cluster - this will make the conversion much easier. otherwise you will have some wiring to do!! You will also require the tailshaft. not too difficult all things considered - but it would be 3 - 4 days of work i figure (without issues) having pulled mine apart & done an engine swap i know that it's not too easy getting the motor out or back in!! T
  14. so not in a hurry then?
  15. David, i have 4 left. $50 each, plus postage (if required) where in vic are you?? i'm S/E suburbs Toby 0437 66 55 18