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  1. Hey guys, any ideas where the PCV valve is located on the second gen IS250s? I've searched google images and found this: The layout just seems inverted on the American model (battery is on the other side). Just wanted to be absolutely sure in case I swap the wrong part out lol. Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for hearing my rant. Anyway, yes. It's done. I'm out of beers. Damn. At the end of the day, I snapped two of them. Those things are hopelessly brittle. BUT, I found that another one of my plugs (front most, under manifold) was also snapped, and would have been since at LEAST my previous spark plug change 4 years ago. Guess it's just one of those things that you won't really notice until you start doing things yourself. I guess the peace of mind is that those plugs stay in quite well without the assistance of the clip, so I'll just keep it there for the time being. Worse case scenario, I'll be running on 3 cylinders until I get to the nearest mechanic.
  3. Omfg what kind of moron designed this engine layout, seriously??? I've finally swapped the spark plugs. Another clip (again) snapped cuz of the cheap plastic. I've just spent in excess of one hour trying to reinstall this one lousy screw that mounts the intake manifold to the frame near the throttle body. Do they employ child labour over there in Japan or something? Cuz my adult hand can barely fit behind the damn frame, let alone holding a screw steady. Forget about trying to rotate a screw while you're at it. It's a bloody miracle that I haven't lost this screw yet. If I was locked in a room with Stalin, Hitler, and the guy who designed this layout, and I had a gun with two bullets..? Yeah you know who I'd shoot twice.
  4. Unbelievable. Deadset unbe-f-ing-lievable. Here I am trying to learn how to change my spark plugs, and I'm trying to take out my intake manifold, and I come across this f*cker and his twin brother!! Seriously, besides the fact that I can't sleeve my ratchet or spanner across, why in the world is this nut literally caked on as though they applied super glue? I've attacked it with my ratchet, spanner, and even my pipe whench. It's just not going anywhere! Wt big f?! Any ideas on how to take these two nuts off? I'm out of ideas and I'm getting more and more pissed about my car each passing day. The engine layout is just awful to work on!
  5. Ok for now I'm just taping it over with duct tape. Not that it really is making much of a difference. On another note, can someone tell me how f*cked I am? I was trying to change my spark plugs tonight. On the drivers side, middle cylinder, when I was disconnecting the cable that plugs to the ignition coil, the bloody clip that secures the cable to the socket broke off! Now there is nothing that's keeping the connector plugged. It's just shoved in. I took a test drive down to chatswood and back again... Didn't seem to get any misfires.... The cable doesn't seem to be springing out either, but still.... Can these connectors actually be replaced? I noticed that this was the only black one (the others were white, giving me the impression that these were changed before).
  6. Oh... sorry... that I cannot help you with. The thing with my Xperia is that it is the PERFECT size for the cup holder. The width is almost identical with my protective casing, and the length extends exactly to the gear selector when it is at D. I skip tracks simply by swiping left/right. Sure my left hand is leaving the steering wheel, but my eyes don't leave the road for it.
  7. Hi guys, can you check out the attached pic? At the front of the manifold, between the top and bottom half, there appears to be quite a gap. Doesn't look normal, but what do I know... Any thoughts? Also, I am getting P172 and P175 codes for system too rich. Wondering if it be related... Cheers
  8. Dude. This thing. Get it. This is the one I'm currently using. It's paired to my Xperia Z3+. Absolutely awesome. The issue I have with other ones (I haven't tried every single one) is the fact that you either need to connect to it via the phone each time, or press the "connect button" on the device itself. With this one, like my previous older Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway, it automatically connects when powered. Not sure if iPhones perform as well, but with my Xperia, once you turn on bluetooth (when the device was already powered), it will find the device and automatically connect to it. It's also got the NFC tag. Now sure how well it performs, but could be a brilliant idea to stick it somewhere if someone in your family wants to play music from their phone too.
  9. warranty question

    Hey guys, So with much pain, my MIL accidentally scratched her brand new CT200h. Lexus has quoted a whopping $2300 to fix it. Not only that, they won't be able to get to it until end of May. She has approached a third party repairer who has quoted a much fairer price of around $1400. Is there any concern that warranty would be voided? Damage includes a slightly warped fender and bumper with slight scratches which will need a respray. Cheers.
  10. YIKES that's steep. Wasn't too far off from what I paid, I guess. Lexus in chatswood quoted me $950 for a refurb unit. Won't even quote me on just fixing the faulty digitizer.
  11. Ah but yours don't come with the labour :-) For me, I was more or less compelled to spend that much, simply because I needed the supplier to provide the service too lol.
  12. Actually, my led bulbs definitely produced more light than HIDs from what I observed. I even swapped my ryobi HID light with a spare 25w led and it was way brighter. What I mean to say is that the light coming from my projector housing, regardless of HID or LED, is dimmer than stock HIDs coming from other cars on the road. At least from my conversation anyway. Thought something might be wrong with the housing.
  13. Hi, I've noticed this for a while but couldn't confirm this until recently. I've always drooled/look with envy at neighbouring cars and just how bright their lowbeams are, especially when compared with mine. In particular, the new mercs seem to have really wide firing beams that really lights up the road. I thought it was just because of cheapo headlights (I did get them off eBay). I've been trying new headlights here and there, and recently bought two set of 55w x 2 LED headlights - a pair for my 9005 highs, and a pair for my H11 lows. It was up at this stage that I realized just how bright these headlights were, and just how much light was lost in the projector housing. I was coming from a drive back from Wollongong last night and I was overtaking the leading Mazda with highbeams on. As I overtook him, he passed the baton for me to activate my high beams, and even I was shocked at how stupidly bright these lights were. Now both headlights are practically identical - the same brand and power - the only difference is the fittings that I ordered. The final amount of light I get from the projector lens is disappointing to say the least. I'd hazard a guess that it's probably dimmer than a stock set of 35W HID's. It was certainly only a fraction of the light that I was getting from the reflector housing on my highbeams. Is this a normal occurrence, and is there a way to improve the situation?
  14. How'd you go with it? I had the exact same issue. It suddenly died. Turns out the ribbon cable at the digitizer panel was the culprit. You have to replace the entire touch screen. I remember it set me back around $500. Let me know if you need the contact, as I'll need to spend some effort to dig up the information. I think for me, the guys were originally in Melbourne (i.e. the supplier and service), but they were able to ship the part and organize someone in Sydney to install it for me.
  15. No problem at all, fzrashid. Glad it helped. Yes, the light output isn't exactly the best as some others may have pointed out, but it's the only model that I risked in terms of it being able to fit =)