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  1. I thought it might be something like that.Many thanks for explaining. Slattery
  2. Last week I put a new battery in our 2010 IS 250. I know the tacho and speed indicator need to be adjusted but I'm surprised that fuel distance gauge has also changed. Prior to replacing battery it would read approx 750klms when I filled the tank now it indicates approx. 600klms after refill. Maybe it will readjust after a few weeks of solid driving and tank refills. Does anyone know why there is a significant change in the fuel/distance indicator after battery replacement?
  3. dilemma resolved but not sure how to cancel post
  4. I went to an Pickles auction and was surprised how expensive a Lexus that I was interested in was sold for.I ended up purchasing from a Lexus dealer. Depending on the age (still under warranty?) and mileage I think it is reasonably safe to purchase from pickles just don't expect a bargain. If you go to an auction know exactly what you would pay for the same car elsewhere and factor in add-on's eg commision, registration etc
  5. So the deal is the Lexus dealer charge you way more for a service and take no responsibilty regarding insurance for the use of the courtesy car. Thanks but I prefer to stick with my local qualified mechanic.
  6. Here is the link to youtube showing the vehicle being dragged out of the liftwell. Lexus will probably use the video to promote how safe their cars are.
  7. Yes I didn't see any point in using dealer service, 30k service doesn't seem too complicated or specialised that it requires high tech or specialised equipment. The pcm updates are not are a big issue. Will post again if any problems. Thanks for the advice..
  8. Love my 2010 is250 which is now due for 30k service. Obtained quote from Lexus dealer $680 compared to my local mechanic $380 (he will also supply genuine parts). So I'm thinking of using the local mechanic who also services Mercs and BMW, we have used them for past 10yrs and never have had any problems.I know Lexus provide loan vehicle and wash/vac the car but is there any other reason for having the car serviced by the Lexus service center.
  9. I am a new member and I'm not sure if I have full access to site so this is partly a test message. I also noticed difficulty in locating search box