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  1. hi again i have rang nearly every dealer in Australia since last posting and what they say is if you want a towbar you have to DIS ENGAGE PERMENTLY & relocate rear kick sensor that the women love . there must be a solution somewhere . very frustrating , BEWARE for what its worth............cheers [barely ] les
  2. hello all  ,  here is the problem ,  two weeks after buying our lexus ux 200 f sport i decided to install a towbar  which are available thru dealers . however i discovered SHOCK / HORROR that before installation the REAR KICK SENSOR has to be PERMANENTLY de activated and relocated  [ no big deal ]  i have rang high and low and get the same answer from LEXUS    ie   rear kick sensor cant be relocated  whilst towbar is installed ,therefore one of the features that attracted wife to car in the first place  is LOST  !!!!   WIFE not happy with that . has anyone encountered this prob  ???   thx   les     p/s towbar is genuine and rated @  750 kgs

  3. hello to all , just bought a 2019 ux 200 f sport and thought i ,d add a towbar to it ! simple you would say . ? [ 1 ] well they are nearly non existent in aus . [ 2 ] the Rear kick sensor needs to be Deactivated and relocated as well ! has any one gone thru this exercise . i have spoken to varius dealers , apparently this model 2019 is "" too new "" info is non existent .. thx les
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