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  1. Hey guys, I have 4 x 18" OEM Lexus IS250 'x' wheels for sale. No gutter rash, scuffs or marks. Wheels are in great condition. Near new Falken tyres 225/45/18 - 95% tread. Pick-up Brisbane region. $1400 neg.
  2. Also were Lexus able to explain what was causing the clunk..?
  3. Are you just running stock suspension? I have seen a few threads around regarding the same issue but normally its after they have upgraded to f-sport suspension..
  4. Im running 225/35 at the front and 255/35 at the back with no issues
  5. Also got some new wheels, sorry for the crappy pictures. Can anyone recommend some good springs/suspension set up? Will I have to get new shocks as well, if I were to lower it? Thanks.
  6. DSC 0198

    Looks the goods!
  7. I have a set of Lexus 18" 'x' wheels for sale if your still interested. No gutter rash, near new tyres 95% tread. Just send me a message if interested =)
  8. Is there much difference between stock is250 suspension and F-sport suspension in regards to height?