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  1. hey there, i am from the island of barbados and have reciently purchased a 2003 altezza and it does not have the option of turning on and of the tracktion control, was wondering if you can help me

  2. You should have gone for the Altezza RS.. (SXE10) rather than the is200 (GXE10).. This is the more sporty option mate. The is200 isn`t meant to be a sports car, its meant as a luxury cruiser, to which it excels... hope this helped a little?
  3. Surely can`t be that bad to import one to NZ?? I regualrly import them to clients over here in the UK... Not had a single complaint yet! I`m sure there must be trustworthy import agents in NZ?... if not i might have to consider moving!!! lol
  4. Welcome to the club mate, theirs no turning back once you`ve made your first mod!! lol
  5. Welcome to the club mate... lovely looking motor.... Watch those elastic bands don`t snap..... I am so jealous of the roads you guys over there have, we are absolutely littered with speed bumps!
  6. Nice exhaust mates.... shame there aren`t readily available in the UK
  7. Here is a pic mate... so people know what your talking about.... Hope this helps your sale.. http://www.altezzasportsandprestige.com/Bodykits.htm
  8. I change mine every 3000 miles!!! its only a half hour job! definately worth it though
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