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  1. RC 350 F Sport Aftermarket wheels

    I do have rubbing on the front, not on the guard but the inner plastic arch, I've worn through the plastic. I don't think it has changed the speedo, might have to wait for a cop to confirm.
  2. RC 350 F Sport Aftermarket wheels

    the ride is as good as the 19s,ive also lowered mine with new springs.i went with Nitto iinvo tyres, 35 profile at the front and 30 on the rears.
  3. RC 350 F Sport Aftermarket wheels

    I have, 20 x 8.5 and 20 x 10s
  4. Paint Protection

    I've had my car done by frank as well, happy with his work
  5. Bolt on exhaust options

    looks good.did you replace the exhaust or just the tips?
  6. Rc350 F Sport - Springs, Spacers And Exhaust

    garage88 eastern creek, cant remember price, sorry
  7. Rc350 F Sport - Springs, Spacers And Exhaust

    I fitted rsr down springs, ride is as good as original and drop about 25mm.
  8. Photos Of Your Rc

    just had new wheels fitted
  9. Aloc Meet #16

    hope to be there​
  10. Got My Rc Wrap Into Yellow~

    im looking at the takeda intake , any idea which would be better, the dry air pod or the oiled, im just concerned with the oild pod it will damage the O2 sensor.seen them on ebay for about $500
  11. R C 350

    hi all, I pick up my 350 f sport on Tuesday, im just interested in knowing what others have done with the wide plastic number plate backing,seems to long for the plate as well as euro plates. any ideas?
  12. What Price Did You Pay And For What?

    purchased my lexus,RC 350 F sport today, white with black leather.84k, pick it up on Tuesday.cant wait option 1.
  13. R C 350

    could you please tell me what dealer is getting the ultra white with rose interior and pack 2? this is the combo I want and don't want to wait. it could be already sold as I've rung most places looking but no luck. thanks heaps