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  1. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Thats a nice little TPMS, just plugs in the cigg lighter by the looks of it?
  2. Front is pretty stone chipped, but it was mostly highway kms, sadly stone chips happen, but apart from that after a good cleanup and some love she is great!
  3. Well i bought my 2006 at a very good price because it had 200,000 kms, still feels like new, smooth as silk and no rattles or odd noises. Id prefer lower KMS sure, but if looked after we know that a petrol engine can get an easy 1,000,000 and everything else is just general wear and tear over time and use.
  4. Yeah thats about right for the GROM, i think its $500 USD so i think thats actually cheaper than buying from overseas. Once again its a good chunk of cash but if it performs and does what you need then im sure most are happy to pay that. The beatsonic i got was AU$530ish from Japan, once again if you want the factory look the GROM is probably the best unit for that, other units exist, but none with as many features as the GROM so it comes down to what you really want out of the system, being a 06 my car had a stacker and a AUX port, no one uses CD's and AUX is awful for control of whats playing ect, i am very tech savvy so i saw what i could acomplish with the GROM vs beatsonic and i decided to go with the beatsonic, i regret it not at all, with Android Auto and Google Play Music i pretty much have every song i could ever want at my fingertips, i just press the voice button and say play "song name" and it plays. So for me that is pretty spectacular, as well as the fact AA makes taking calls, replying to SMS ect ect work flawlessly. Once again, what you want out of the system dictates your best choice, i wanted a system that would never date, and i have that, because if my system dates all it takes is a new HU.
  5. Yeah the GROM looks to be a winner, i read about 120859348 bad reviews hence not getting it, but hear that with some more recent updates its been working well! Deffinately an option for keeping the OEM look and getting some better tech. Beatsonic also retains SWC, including the choice of having some buttons work on the nav unit or all on the new HU and i also have to ability to push video from the HU to the factory screen, (that doesnt include phone apps, but actual DVD video).
  6. I went with the beatsonic in my IS250, very happy, kit is made to suit auto so direct swap i had a little bit of modifying due to being manual but apart from that i am loving it! Same deal uses an aftermarket HU so i went with the Kenwood DDX 9017DABS with all of the bells and whistles and it really brought life to my ML stereo!
  7. It is the Beat-sonic, modified to suit a manual as they are an auto only kit (because of the plastic filler panels only, rest is the same in both auto and manual) Only for 06-09 models currently, they are working on the unit for 2010-2012
  8. Its even worse for us pre 2010 without the usb, the aux is okay, if you never want to know whats playing or skip a song, not good enough for me so i decided to go a whole other route to get the most out of my ML but i am super happy in the end! Only limitation of this is what the HU is capable of, so i now have, USB, BT DAB, AA ACP, Wireless mirroring, spotify ect ect and all comes through the ML and let me tell you it sounds amazing compared to any device in AUX or CD through the stock stacker i had!
  9. Hey Lexus owners of Australia! Around a month ago i drove this 2006 IS250 from VIC to SA to join my family! She has higher KMs than most would desire but still drives like she is brand new, had a very bad relationship with a detailer at some stage, he left his god awful signature all over her (thankfully being a vehicle refinishing expert i am able to reverse this damage once some better weather comes our way) as well as past owners that i'm sure have no clue what the term two/three bucket method mean, or know that using a sponge or chamois on paint is pretty much the worst thing you could do to such a beautiful piece of art! Havent done alot in the way of mods minus a window tint weekend just passed, and a beatsonic to upgrade the very outdated tech. Anyways, here are the pictures and its a pleasure to meet you all! I have mod ideas all up in my head as i have a pretty bad modding obsession, but i feel like i don't want to go to overboard with this car as its too nice for that!